Santa Fe Restaurant Awarded Small Business of the Year by Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia

Pedro Padilla owner of Santa Fe Restaurant in Coachella and Cathedral City Receives Statewide Honor

Assemblymember Garcia with Pedro and Mireya Padilla

(Sacramento, CA) – Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia (D-Coachella) proudly announces Santa Fe Restaurant, with locations in Coachella and Cathedral City, as his 2022 Small Business of the Year honoree. On Wednesday, August 17, restaurant owner Pedro Padilla traveled to Sacramento to receive the award from Assemblymember Garcia at an event hosted by the California Small Business Association.


Assemblymember Garcia selected Santa Fe Restaurant in special recognition of the local food assistance program the restaurant organized during the pandemic and the owner’s commitment to service within the Coachella Valley.  


“We proudly congratulate Santa Fe Restaurant as our 2022 Small Business of the Year, honoring Pedro Padilla’s contributions to our local economy and his big heart for community giving. Santa Fe Restaurant and owner Pedro Padilla’s success story embodies the American dream. Mr. Padilla came to this country at the age of 19, working as a dishwasher and various other positions in restaurants until he saved up to open his own businesses and build this dream for his family. With locations in Coachella and Cathedral City, Santa Fe Restaurant celebrates 14 years of business success,” said Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia.


“Santa Fe Restaurant stepped up to support seniors, struggling families, and our essential farmworkers during the pandemic. The food assistance program they launched saved many residents and senior citizens from going hungry. They were one of the first restaurants in the state who mobilized to provide this type of food delivery service, and they did so without hesitation or expectations of repayment. we hope this award expresses our deep gratitude for Santa Fe Restaurant and their community leadership.”


In 2008, Pedro Padilla opened Santa Fe Restaurant in the City of Coachella, adding the Cathedral City location the following year. Born in San Juan De Los Lagos, Jalisco, Pedro immigrated to the United States at 19 in search of employment opportunities. Through hard work and determination, Pedro gained culinary experience in various restaurants before saving up to open his own business. 


Pedro Padilla and his wife, Mireya, remain dedicated to various charitable causes in the Coachella Valley community and uplifting the dreams of other immigrants. Pedro’s generosity as a local philanthropist grew alongside his success as a business owner. As the COVID-19 pandemic struck, Pedro Padilla immediately began delivering food to the elderly, farmworkers, and other families in need. Pedro also helped students obtain computers to keep up with their virtual learning studies. His other charitable ventures include supporting higher education scholarships and citizenship assistance. 


Assemblymember Garcia intends to hold a local awards ceremony honoring Pedro Padilla and Santa Fe Restaurant’s accomplishments.