Supporting California Agriculture

Agriculture is a critical part of our California economy. This $43 billion industry employs over 400,000 people and generates approximately $100 billion in related economic activity.

Supporting California’s farmers and farmworkers is essential.

This year the Legislature was proud to make significant strides on behalf of agriculture. Here is a snapshot of several recent policy achievements.

2017 State Policies to Strengthen Local Agricultural Economy

2017 Cap and Trade Investments: $329 million in financial incentives to reduce emissions by updating agricultural operations equipment, supporting renewable energy projects, and investing in the research and development of dairy digesters and alternative manure management.

AB 822, Choose California: Requires all California state- owned or state-run institutions, except public universities and colleges and school districts, to purchase California-grown agricultural products when the bid or price does not exceed, by more than 5%, the lowest bid or price for an agricultural product produced outside the state and the quality of the produce is comparable.

AB 1348, Farmer Equity Act: Supports socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers in California by ensuring the Department of Food and Agriculture include these
groups in the development, adoption, implementation and enforcement of food and agriculture laws, regulations, and policies and programs.

AB 376, Veterans benefits: Veteran farmers or ranchers: Requires by July 1, 2018, the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency, the California Department of Veterans Affairs, and the California Department of Food and Agriculture to post information on their respective websites to assist, educate, train, and otherwise support California’s military veterans to enter into farming or ranching careers in California.