Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia Commends Imperial Valley Healthcare District on Major Milestones


(IMPERIAL, CA) — Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia (D-Coachella) commends the leadership and significant strides the Imperial Valley Healthcare District (IVHD) achieved in their most recent board meeting. On Thursday, June 13, the Imperial Valley Healthcare District took action on several milestones, including towards the establishment of voting districts, dissolvent dates for Heffernan Memorial Healthcare District and Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District, as well as approving a letter of intent regarding the acquisition of El Centro Regional Medical Center.


“We applaud the leadership of the Imperial Valley Healthcare District and recognize the tremendous milestones they have achieved in only a few short months. These actions were urgent in our aims to protect access to lifesaving medical care and strengthen our health infrastructure. We are proud of the swift, efficient, and collaborative manner of the Board and staff in implementing AB 918 and ensuring the seamless integration of our new county-wide healthcare system. We look forward to enhanced community engagement as the district’s progress continues,” said Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia.


Imperial Valley Healthcare District Board President Katherine Burnworth stated, "IVHD's remarkable journey towards achieving milestones is a testament to the unwavering determination, collaborative spirit, and resilience of every board member. Each milestone attained reflects the collective efforts and steadfast commitment of our board, as we strive to construct a healthcare system that truly serves the needs of the Imperial Valley residents. These accomplishments serve as a powerful motivation for our board to implement AB 918 and propel us forward in our mission.”